Zion arm is a universal 3 axis dampening system which removes vibrations from vertical motion as well as tilt and roll errors. It is made especially for gimbals such as Ronin 2, Movi Pro or any camera payloads from 5kg up to 32kg and can be mounted on vehicles or any moving platforms


Modular design

The arm and the head are designed in the way that it can be connected and disconnected easily using Michell mounts. Moreover, the head allows mounting to other Mitchell mounts compatible products such as QUAD, HEX, HT Vibration Isolator, RT dampeners…

  • Normal mount
  • Low mount
  • Overslung mount
  • Underslung mount

Normal, Low, underslung, overslung

The Zion arm can be configured in low mount, underslung and overslung mount and compatible with other Mitchell mount products.


Unique Design

Unlike traditional shock absorber arms using tension springs, the Zion arm features a single compressed spring and thanks to its unique design, it is now possible to install the up and down stoppers within the spring system to save space and weight.


Mounting gimbals

Comes with many hole patterns on the base plate that are made to match various gimbal mounting adapters such as Ronin 2, Movi Pro, Gremsy, Tilta and also Mitchell mounts and Mitchell plates.

Mounting accessories

Comes with many ¼’’ threads on the Zion head, making mounting accessories such as video transmitters or batteries very simple.

Adjustable dampening

Dampening adjustment on the vertical axis, and the tilt and roll axis are possible with 28 “clicks” on the adjustable hydraulic dampers.

Mounting the arm

The Zion arm can be mounted easily on to a standard 48-52mm speed rail by dual clamps.