Terms & Conditions


Gremsy Rewards Program (the “Program”) is offered by Gremsy (hereinafter referred to as “Gremsy”, “our”, “we”,“us”) to retail customers (hereinafter referred to as “Participant(s)”, “you”, “your”).


1.1. Gremsy Rewards Program is a rewards program through which Participant(s) who post their product experience may have a chance to get exclusive benefits for their next purchase.

1.2. By participating, you acknowledge and agree that Gremsy may use your entry information and your content (videos, text, pictures) for marketing purposes without compensation. We may use, reproduce, copy, publish, distribute, modify and otherwise exploit such pictures and/or videos in any manner and in any Gremsy’s channels.


2.1. The Program is provided to retail customers only.

2.2. The Program is open to anyone who has used Gremsy products as listed: Gremsy gimbals (Pixy U, Pixy F, Pixy WS, Mio, T3, T7, S1, H16) and Cinerigs (Zion Arm, HT Vibration Isolator, RT Dampener, Mini Dampener, HEX Vibration Isolator, QUAD Vibration Isolator).


3.1. In order to join Gremsy Rewards Program, Participant(s) must follow these steps:

  • Share your product experience on your social pages or sites with hastag #gremsy and tag us in your social posts.
  • Submit links to your social posts, videos or blog posts HERE.
  • A discount coupon will be emailed to you for your next order on

3.2. If you wish to change or update your contact information by which we send you messages, you will need to reach us at [email protected].


4.1. You will receive one discount coupon (up to 15% OFF) sent to the e-mail address you registered on the entry form.

4.2. The discount coupon will be issued and sent by Gremsy within 30 days after the date you submit the entry form.

4.3. The discount coupon will be valid for 6 months from the date of issue. After this time, the discount coupon expires and will no longer be accepted by Gremsy.

4.4. You may not request the issue of a discount coupon - if eligible, you will receive the discount coupon within the timeframe and method specified above. You’ll also be notified via email if your entry is rejected.


5.1. The discount coupon can only be used once and for one, single transaction. The discount coupon cannot be combined with any other Gremsy’s coupons.

5.2. Purchases using the discount coupon must be made in the To use it, enter your coupon code in the field Promotion Code in the shopping cart.


6.1. Gremsy reserves the right to reject your entry if we determine in our sole discretion that you submit posts not using your own photos or videos but repost from others’.

6.2. Gremsy reserves the right to cancel any order on suspicion of abuse of the discount program.

6.3. Gremsy has the right at any time, with or without giving you prior notice, to:

  • Modify, end or cancel the Program and/or any specific reward & benefit
  • Change any Reward or other Program benefit we offer
  • Change the requirements for receiving rewards & benefits
  • Change the time you have in which to use a particular reward or benefit

6.4. Any modification and/or suspension will be communicated to the Participant(s) via our website.

6.5. It is expressly forbidden to resell, draw or carry out activities for other promotional and/or financial purposes in relation to the discount coupon. Proof of such practices will cause the immediate invalidation of the discount coupon.

6.6. Acceptance of and use the discount code by Participant(s) automatically implies acceptance of these Promotion Terms and Conditions.


Updated: Dec 15, 2021