Remote Control

Remote Control

  • 01. Remote Control

    T3 supports SBUS , SPEKTRUM and PPM receivers. There are some parameters to be aware of before assigning channels to the receiver.

    SMOOTH: increasing this number will smooth out the movement of the corresponding axis but will also cause a delay.

    SPEED MODE: when speed mode is selected, the speed of the corresponding axis will depend on how far the stick position is from the neutral position. It is recommended that TILT and PAN channels should be set to speed mode.

    ANGLE MODE: when angle mode is selected, the corresponding axis will move to the angle set by current stick/knob position. It’s recommended ROLL channel should be set to angle mode.

  • 02. SBUS/PPM Settings
    Receiver Connection

    Connect SBUS/PPM receiver to the Hyper Quick release as shown below.

    The receiver must be connected to correct wires. The SBUS/PPM port has 5V output to power the receiver, please do not use external power supply to power the receiver at the same time. Doing so may damage the electronics inside the gimbal.

    Channel Setting

    There are 6 channels to assign: MODE, TILT, ROLL, PAN, TILT SPEED, PAN SPEED.

    Assign MODE channel first then follow the order above because MODE channel is used to change operating modes of the gimbal and should be assigned to a 3-position switch as follows:

    • Switch at high position: FOLLOW MODE , MOTORS ON
    • Switch at middle position: LOCK MODE , MOTORS ON
    • Switch at low position: MOTORS OFF

    TILT and PAN channel should be in speed mode and ROLL channel in angle mode.

    TILT SPEED or PAN SPEED could be assigned to the same channel and should be assigned to throttle stick, dial, or other non-centering control on the transmitter.

    Below is an example of channel assignment to the Futaba T8FG.

    MODE 5 SC 3 positions switch
    TILT 2 J2 Speed mode
    ROLL 4 T4 Angle mode
    PAN 1 J1 Speed mode
  • 03. JR/SPEKTRUM Settings
    JR/SPECKTRUM SATELLITE Receiver Connection

    Connect satellite receiver to the JR port on the Hyper quick release as shown in the picture. Make sure satellite receiver is already bound to the transmitter (RED led is solid).

    Channel Setting

    Choose 10 bit or 11 bit type resolution on the software and assign proper channels as per SBUS settings.