Precision RTK
3 cm horizontally / 3 cm vertically (1)

Designed for
Sony ILX-LR1

Fully Compatible with
DJI M300/350 RTK

Superior Imaging
61 MP Full-frame Camera

883 Gram Payload
Sony ILX-LR1 with SEL35F28ZA

DJI default damping supports multiple Sony ILX-LR1 lenses


Pixy MR is perfectly built for Sony ILX - LR1, and compatible with M300/M350 drone platforms, offering quick and straightforward integration via DJI Skyport. Pixy MR is optimized in size, weight yet powerful (SWaP), recommended by UAV experts in multiple applications.

Superior Inspection Imaging

High resolution, low noise and wide dynamic range images enable fine-detail reveal such as small scratches and cracks during inspection, investigation, surveying and mapping

  • Accurate and broad subject recognition powered by the AI Processing Unit
  • Backside-illuminated (BSI) Exmor R sensor enables
  • Up to 8x more powerful BIONZ XR image processor
  • Pixel Pitch 3.8μm

Accurate Mapping Solution

In a single flight,with D-RTK 2, the payload offers:

  • Ground resolution: 2.42 mm/pix (1)
  • Flying altitude: 21.3 m
  • Coverage area: 3.44 km2

Purpose Built For Sony ILX-LR1

The Pixy MR offers full camera functionality for Sony ILX-LR1, the most compact full-frame image sensor, with a various lenses compatibility: SEL28F20, SEL35F28Z, SEL55F18Z and the prime lens including SEL24F28G, SEL40F25G, SEL50F25G.

Optimized Solution for DJI M300/M350 RTK & Sony ILX-LR1

DJI M300/M350 RTK Support

Pixy MR is a ready-for-flight plug-and-play DJI M300/M350 RTK, connects directly to the Sony ILX-LR1 utilizing the DJI M300/M350's default damping in the lens ranges (2). The solution offers all the available functions on DJI Pilot.

  • Waypoint
  • Mapping
  • Oblique
  • Linear Flight

Full Camera and Gimbal Control

  • Remotely adjust camera exposure, shutter, ISO, Aperture, and all camera settings.
  • Use the DJI Pilot App to trigger the camera and record videos.
  • Livestream on DJI RC with HDMI /USB output.
  • Support Lenses: SEL28F20, SEL35F28Z, SEL55F18Z, SEL24F28G, SEL40F25G, SEL50F25G.

Meet The Industrial Standard Mapping Accuracy - 2D Orthomosaic Mission

2 mintutes

Full frame 61MP

Lens 28mm

54 pictures



Drone DJI M300RTK
Payload Pixy MR
Area: 8000m2
Lens: mm Damping
SEL24F28G DJI Default Damping
SEL28F20 DJI Default Damping
SEL35F28Z DJI Default Damping
SEL40F25G DJI Default Damping
SEL50F25G DJI Default Damping
SEL55F18Z Gremsy Advanced Damping

Superior Imaging with 61 MP Full-Frame Camera

  • (1) With a 70% front overlap, 80% side overlap
  • (2) SEL28F20, SEL35F28Z, SEL24F28G, SEL40F25G, SEL50F25G.
    Except for the SEL55F18Z lens, which should be changed with Gremsy Advanced Damping for optimal performance.
  • (3) Caculating by DJI Pilot App with different results during real flights.