Smaller than ever. Light as a feather

Pixy, a new generation of small form factor gimbal, packs capabilities of current technology into a module that fits in just the palm of your hand.
This compact gimbal offers the optimized size and weight for longer flight time.


HDMI Hyper Quick Release

HDMI Hyper Quick Release of Pixy F enables quick and easy assembly with various platforms through high-speed connector pins. With onboard HDMI and AUX ports, signals from cameras go on live for direct monitoring and evaluating.


No balancing nor tuning required

Built for a specific camera on tray, no balancing nor tuning is required, giving you the fastest possible setup time. Snap and you're done.


Start up time within 2 seconds

The new absolute encoder empowers a startup time of 2 seconds. It also provides precise home detection even in a vibration environment.

Fully compatible with Pixhawk

Pixy F is fully compatible with Pixhawk to synchronize their attitudes.
*Currently, PIXY F does not fit with Flir Duo Pro R combined with lens 25mm.