The HT Vibration Isolator minimizes vibrations in the horizontal X and Y axis during abrupt movements and capable of payloads from 10kg to 90kg.


Low profile, sleek design

The HT vibration isolator is designed with simplicity in mind .

With low profile , the HT vibration isolator keeps the camera and lens as low as possible.


Soft >> Hard

Adjustable hydraulic dampers

Hydraulic dampers with long stroke length were installed within the HT vibration isolator to keep the size as compact as possible

28 levels of dampening allow adjustment for wide shooting conditions and payload range

Drag >> Lock

Handy drag & lock knobs

Easy access even with the bottom axis as the knobs are installed on the side of the vibration isolator


Wide variety of mounting options

The HT vibration isolator accept Mitchell mount as standard mount and 100 mm bowl and 150mm bowl as optional accessories


precise level indicator

A useful indicator that helps to adjust camera level easily