Pixy U


0. What's the difference between Pixy U and Pixy F?

The Pixy U supports multi cameras while the Pixy F only tailored for Flir Duo Pro R.

0. Does the Pixy U can use with the quick release of Pixy F?

Yes, the quick release are same for Pixy U and Pixy F.

0. Is it possible to quick disassemble/assemble Pixy U under drone?

Similar Pixy F, Pixy U support quick release. See the image below.

0. How many operation modes does the Pixy U have and how do I switch between the modes?

Pixy U supports both normal mode and inverted mode.

0. Is the Gremsy series waterproof?

No, It is not

0. Does the Pixy U package come with battery and charger?

No, it does not. The Pixy U supports the external batteries from a drone with 12 - 52V input power via UBEC module.

0. What's included in the standard package of Pixy U?

The Pixy U standard package includes:

PIXY Quick Release x1
Micro USB Cable x1
Pixy U - Auxiliary Cable 8-PIN x1
Sbus Cable x1
Pixy U - Module Bluetooth& Cable For DJI( A3, N3) x1
Pixy U - Cable For Pixhawk x1
Pixy U - UBEC x1
Bolt Hexagon Socket M2.5x5 x8
Camera Bolt 1/4"-20 x2
Allenkey 2.mm x1
Camera plate standard x1



0. Which devices can I control the Pixy U gimbal?

You can control the Pixy U via Remote control, SBUS Joystick Module or your onboard computer ( support SDK ).

0. [Remote] Can I use third party remote control to control the Gremsy gimbals?

Yes, You can use the third party's remote control

0. [Remote] Which remote control do you recommend to use with Pixy U?

Gremsy gimbals support SBUS, SPEKTRUM/JR, PPM. The following are some names for your reference: Futaba T14SG, Spektrum DX6i, Taranis, etc.

0. [Remote] Can I single control gimbal and drone system via Futaba remote?

Yes, you can.

0. [SBUS Joystick] How to install and control Pixy U via Joystick?

Please learn more at SBUS Joystick Module FAQ click HERE

0. Does Pixy U Support Lighbridge 2 control ?

Yes, please refer to the Lighbridge 2 page on your left for more information.

0. Does Pixy U Support single control on Pixhawk FC ?

Yes, please refer to the Pixhawk page on your left for more information.

App & Firmware

0. What’s new?

The camera settings profile is available for your reference

0. What application/software do Gremsy gimbals use?

Gremsy developed gTune app & software to configure gimbals.

0. What are general good practices while using the gTune?

  • Before running gTune mobile app, make sure to connect with the gimbal’s Bluetooth. Otherwise, the app can’t connect to the gimbal properly.
  • Firmware upgrading procedure with gTune Desktop software: Before upgrading, please temporarily unplug the receiver (if available). Otherwise, you will be stuck on erasing step and can not get it completed. Of course, the software will remind you but it’s better to do it yourself first.

0. How can I save profiles?

In the Stiffness configuration activity/screen, a save icon can be found in the top right corner. Tap this icon and enter your profile name, then tap Save to finish. To load a profile, go to main activity, select Profile menu to view and load desired profile.

0. How do I update firmware?

Notes: Make sure you installed the Driver for USB before continuing below steps:

  • Before upgrade:
    • Download the latest Software version for MAC or Windows if it’s not installed yet.
    • Install USB Driver if it’s not installed yet.
    • Download the Firmware in Zip format.
    • Unzip to get the *.hex file.
    • Unplug Remote Receiver (SBUS, JR, …) if it was plugged to gimbal.
    • Connect to your Mac or PC.
  • During upgrade:
    • Power on.
    • Run the software and select Upgrade.
    • Follow Steps on the screen.
  • After upgrade:
    • Disconnect and connect again to reset the controller.
    • Go to CONFIG –> EXPERT –> set DEFAULT –>WRITE

0. Where do I have the latest firmware?

The latest firmware is updated on our website at https://gremsy.com/supports/ or please follow us at GitHub to keep updated and get previous versions if needed.

M600 ( A3 + LIGHBRIDGE 2 )

0. Does Pixy U support M600 or A3 + Lighbridge 2 control?

Pixy U Support control through M600 or any drone frame using A3 FC and Lightbridge 2.

0. Which kind of operator it supports?

Pixy U supports both of single and dual operator (slave and master )

0. How to config Gremsy gimbal to use with DJI Lightbridge 2 or M600’s remote?

Step 1: Install the lasted Software/Firmware

The firmware and software were updated at Download.

Step 2: Connect Gremsy gimbal to GPS of Flight controller A3/N3

Step 3: Select Single or Dual Mode

At Single Mode, in software: Go to Setting -> Controls -> LightBridge 2 -> Single

Move GIMBAL DIAL on the remote to turn on the motors.

- Toggle C1 to control tilt or pan (make sure Tilt in TILT LOCK , go to SETTINGS -> FOLLOW-TILT->TILT LOCK).

- Pan will be in follow mode if not use GIMBAL DIAL for PAN control.

At Dual Mode, in software: Go to Setting -> Controls -> LightBridge 2 -> Dual

Move GIMBAL DIAL on the remote to turn on the motors.

- Use Tilt/roll/pan stick to control tilt/roll/pan.

Testing Program

Please register to the Gremsy Insider program to refer our new testing program.




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