Pixy F


0. Is it possible to quick disassemble/assemble Pixy F under drone?

Yes, Pixy F support quick release. See the image below

0. How many operation modes does the Pixy F have and how do I switch between the modes?

Pixy F supports only normal operation at present 

0. Is the Gremsy series waterproof?

No, It is not

0. Does the Pixy F package come with battery and charger?

No, it does not. The Pixy F supports the external batteries from a drone with 12 - 52V input power via UBEC module.

0. What's included in the package of Pixy F?

The Pixy F package includes:

  • 1x Pixy F
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x 12V Power Cable ( Backup)
  • 1x UBEC
  • 1x Cable For DJI
  • 1x Cable For Pixhawk
  • AUXLIARY Cable 8-pin
  • SBUS Cable
  • Allen Key
  • 6x M2.5x5
  • 2x Camera screw


0. Camera

Pixy F tailored for Flir Duo Pro R and only support this camera.

Note : it is not support Flir Duo Pro R 640 using lens 25mm


0. [SBUS Joystick] How to install and control Pixy F via Joystick?

Please learn more at SBUS Joystick Module FAQ click HERE

0. Does SYNC support Pixy F?

No, it does not.

0. [Remote] Does Pixy F support the Graupner remote?

Yes, Pixy F supports the Graupner remote.

0. [Remote] Can I single control gimbal and drone system via Futaba remote?

Yes, you can. 

0. [Remote] Which remote control do you recommend to use with Pixy F?

Gremsy gimbals support SBUS, SPEKTRUM/JR, PPM. The following are some names for your reference: Futaba T14SG, Spektrum DX6i, Taranis, etc.

0. [Remote] Can I use Pixy F with Futaba controller?

Yes, you can. The Pixy F has the same communication with Futaba as previous Gremsy products. Learn more at :

0. [Remote] Can I use third party remote control to control the Gremsy gimbals?

Yes, You can use the third party's remote control

0. Which devices can I control the Pixy F gimbal?

You can control the Pixy via Remote control or SBUS Joystick Module.


0. [Handheld] Is it possible to control Pixy F via analog joystick?

No, it is impossible. Pixy F supports SBUS Joystick Module to control gimbal in handheld application. 

0. [Handheld] How to install Pixy F using in handheld?

There are 2 options to install Pixy F: using Ring or H3 Handle bar & Stand

0. Is it possible to use Pixy F in handheld?

Yes, you can use the Pixy F in handheld.

0. [Aerial] Can I downward facing Pixy F for aerial mapping?

Yes, you can. Pixy F supports the smart mapping mode which allows customers to define the home position which will be aligned with the nose direction of the aircraft and tilted down 90 degrees or custom angle.

0. [Aerial] Can I mount Pixy F under M100, M200, M210?

At present, you can mount the Pixy under M200/M210 series, however, we don't have any idea about how to control or transfer video signal. 

0. [Aerial] Which drones do Pixy F support?

Pixy F is compatible with

  • DJI S1000, M600, WIND4, WIND8 via Pixy damping supported
  • DJI S900 via Pixy damping and Bracket for S900supported
  • Our partners like AcecoreTechnologies , xFoldAeronavicsTUNDRA, ... 
  • Gryphon Dynamics via Pixy damping supported
  • Or any frame has dual 12mm carbon tube mounting via Pixy damping supported

0. Which application does Pixy F support?

Pixy F supports handheld and aerial application.

0. Does Pixy F support the analog joystick?

No, it does not.

App & Firmware

0. What application/software do Gremsy gimbals use?

Gremsy developed gTune app & software to configure gimbals.

0. Where can I download the app and software?

gTune application is ready to serve on Google Play and AppStore. You can find it with  “gtune gremsy” keyword.

0. What are general good practices while using the gTune?

  • Before running gTune mobile app, make sure to connect with the gimbal’s Bluetooth. Otherwise, the app can’t connect to the gimbal properly.
  • Firmware upgrading procedure with gTune Desktop software: Before upgrading, please temporarily unplug the receiver (if available). Otherwise, you will be stuck on erasing step and can not get it completed. Of course, the software will remind you but it’s better to do it yourself first.

0. How can I save profiles?

In the Stiffness configuration activity/screen, a save icon can be found in the top right corner. Tap this icon and enter your profile name, then tap Save to finish. To load a profile, go to main activity, select Profile menu to view and load desired profile.

0. How do I update firmware?

Notes: Make sure you installed the Driver for USB before continuing below steps:

  • Before upgrade:
    • Download the latest Software version for MAC or Windows if it’s not installed yet.
    • Install USB Driver if it’s not installed yet.
    • Download the Firmware in Zip format.
    • Unzip to get the *.hex file.
    • Unplug Remote Receiver (SBUS, JR, …) if it was plugged to gStabi system.
    • Connect gStabi controller to your Mac or PC by USB 2.0 A to Mini-B Cable.
  • During upgrade:
    • Power on gStabi System using gPower Pack.
    • Run the software and select Upgrade.
    • Follow Steps on the screen.
  • After upgrade:
    • Disconnect and connect again to reset the controller.
    • Go to CONFIG –> EXPERT –> set DEFAULT –>WRITE
    • If you do not use the gStabi H14 with GREMSY landing gear on a multicopter, then go to CONFIG –> FOLLOW PAN –> deselect AIRBORNE

0. Where do I have the latest firmware?

The latest firmware is updated on our website at https://gremsy.com/supports/ or please follow us at GitHub to keep updated and get previous versions if needed.

LightBridge 2

0. Can I control Gremsy gimbal via Light Bridge 2?

Yes, you can. At present, Pixy F supports to use in single control via LightBridge 2, applied for A3/N3 Flight controller only. 


0. Can I control Pixy F via Pixhawk single operator?

Yes, you can control Pixy F through Pixhawk RC

0. Can I control Pixy F via Pixhawk autopilot?

Yes, Pixy F support control through mavlink commands :


0. How can I set it up?

Please follow these steps below :

3.1.     Introduction


The Gremsy’s Gimbal that can communicate with Ardupilot (Copter) using Mavlink

NOTE: Support for this Gimbal is include in Copter 3.3 (or higher) for gimbals running

  • T1: gremsyT1_v605 or above
  • T3: gremsyT3_v605 or above
  • S1: gremsyS1_v605 or above
  • Pixy: gremsyF_v605 or above
  • gTuneDesktop: gTuneDesktop_v135_Beta or above


3.2.     What’s New


  • Support Ardupilot (Copter) remote in Single mode
  • Support the advance features likeautomated aiming of the camera at a Region of Interest (ROI).
  • Support DO_MOUNT_CONTROL (Ardupilot will send angle requests to gimbal)
  • Drift free horizon
  • Gimbal (or mount) send a HEARTBEAT(e.g. every second) just like any other MAVLink component. Additionally, it can send feedback about the angles it's pointing using the message MOUNT_ORIENTATION.


3.3.     Connecting the gimbal to the Pixhawk


Connect cable from COM2 port on Hyper Quick release to Telem2 or Telem1 on Pixhawk.

Baurate on Pixhawk should be set at :

  • 115200bps,
  • 8 Data bits
  • No Parity,
  • 1 Stop Bit (8N1)

NOTE: The remaining 3 pins (VCC, RTS, CTS) of the cable should not be connected


3.4.     Set-up through the Mission Planner (Mavlink protocol)


Through your GCS (i.e MP’s Full Param List or Tree) set the following parameters:

  • Using Telem 2
    • SERIAL2_BAUD 115

  • Using Telem1
    • SERIAL1_BAUD 115
  • Set up MNT parameter
    • Set “MNT_TYPE” to “4” to enable the Mavlink protocol
    • Set “MNT_RC_IN_TILT” to “6” if you wish to control the gimbal’s tilt (aka pitch angle) with your transmitter ch6 tunning knob (Single Mode).
    • Set the MNT_ANGMAX_PAN, MNT_ANGMAX_ROLL, MNT_ANGMAX_TILT and MNT_ANGMIN_PAN, MNT_ANGMIN_ROLL, MNT_ANGMIN_TILT to match the range of gimbal (S1, T1, T3). For examble, the screenshot below shows setup in which the gimbal S1 has:
      • PAN axis control: MNT_ANGMIN_PAN = -160 to MNT_ANGMAX_PAN = +160.
      • TILT axis control: MNT_ANGMIN_TILT = -135 to MNT_ANGMAX_TILT = +90
      • ROLL axis control: MNT_ANGMIN_ROLL = -45 to MNT_ANGMAX_ROLL = +45

3.5.     How to control gimbal

This introduction assume that gimbal have already been connected and configured

  • In single mode
    • Set “MNT_RC_IN_TILT” to “6” if you wish to control the gimbal’s tilt (aka pitch angle) with your transmitter ch6 tunning knob (Single Mode) or another channel.
    • Set “MNT_DEFL_MODE” to “3” that is the RC targeting mode.
  • In Mission Planner to define camera survey missions

If a camera gimbal is used, you can set the camera position (yaw, roll, titl) or aim it at specific region of interest (ROI).

  • Set “MNT_DEFL_MODE” to “4” that is the Mavlink targeting mode.
  • DO_SET_ROI – Target the camera towards a specified region of interest (Position, including altitude)
  • DO_MOUNT_CONTROL – Position the gimbal with the specified roll, pitch, yaw

3.6.     How to configure gimbal

  • Smooth
    • Smooth out the camera movement by adjusting this parameter. The higher the value is the smoother camera move but at the expense of more delay in following the movements


Smooth value in range [0:100]

3.7.     How to run application


  • When the first turn on the motor, make sure the pan axis is aligned with the forward direction of the copter in order for the gimbal to calculatethe attitude correctly.
  • After turning on the motor, the LED status turns to the pink color indicating that CANLINK connection between gimbal and flight cotroller has been established.

NOTE: To control gimbal should be switch gimbal to Lock Mode




Make sure you installed the Driver for USB before continuing next steps.


1/ Before upgrade:

– Download the latest Software version for MAC or Windows if not install yet.
– Install USB Driver if not installed yet.
– Download the Firmware in Zip format.
– Unzip to get the *.hex file.
– Unplug Remote Receiver (SBUS, JR, …) if it was plugged to gStabi system.
– Connect Gimbal to you Mac or PC by USB cable.

2/ During upgrade:

– Power on Gimbal.
– Run the software and select Upgrade.
– Follow Steps on the screen.

3/ Troubleshooting

If you have failed during the firmware upgrade, please follow this article to configure again
You can also contact our support via [email protected] for prompt support

Pixy F v6.0.9 beta

12 - 02 - 2019

Windows: gTune Desktop v1.4.0

31 - 01 - 2020

Mac OSX: gTune Desktop v1.4.0

31 - 01 - 2020

Android : gTune - Version 2.2.8

14 - 06 - 2018

Requires Android 4.1.2 or later.Compatible with Samsung tabs 705c, Samsung S6,
Samsung S5, Samsung NOTE4, Samsung NOTE3, Google Nexus 9, Google Nexus 7 II,
Ascend Mate7, Huawei P8 Max, Huawei Mate 8, Nubia Z7 mini, Sony Xperia
Z3, MI 3, MI PAD, Smartisan T1.

*Support for additional Android devices available as testing and development 
(iOS - iPhone/iPad) gTune - Version 2.2.8

14 - 06 - 2018

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus,
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus,iPod touch 6,iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular,
iPad mini 2, iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 4, and iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular.
This app is optimized for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and
iPhone 6s Plus.

Pixy F User Manual Download




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