Gremsy T3v3


0. What's the difference between T3V3 and T3/T3V2?

    • New I/O and Quick Release design.
    • HDMI Supported.
    • AUX 9 signals
    • Built-in 14.5V BEC : you can use the battery from drone (15 - 52V) to power gimbal via Power port connection (more safety and stable power source).
    • 20% stronger in motor power of T3V3 than T3/T3V2

0. Can I use my old T3/T3V2 and T3V3 in the same quick release?

No, but you can use an adapter to mount the T3/T3V2 on T3V3 quick release.

Note: this adapter just supports mounting on new quick release, the new function of T3V3 will not apply.

0. How much weight can the T3V3 hold?

Maximum payload of T3V3 is 1.7kg (3.7 lbs).

0. What's the input power of T3V3?

T3V3 allows wide range power from drone 15-52V.

0. How many signals of T3V3 AUX port?

It has 9 signals.

0. How many operation modes does the T3V3 have and how do I switch between the modes?

Gremsy T3 supports 2 types of operation: Normal and Inverted Operation.

The Operation type will be automatically detected when power gimbal.


0. What kind of cameras does Gremsy T3V3 support?

It currently supports cameras with a maximum depth of 100 mm (measured from the 

center of gravity), a maximum height of 120 mm, and a maximum width of 152 mm. The maximum payload of T3 is 1.7 kgs (3.7 lbs).

Gremsy T3 Camera Compatibility List (non-comprehensive list):

  • Sony A7S (mk I - II), 
  • Sony A7R (mk I - IV)
  • Sony A9 ( mk I – II )
  • Sony A6000 series 
  • Fujifilm X-T series
  • Phase One iXM 50/10 (apply for 80mm lens or lower )
  • Panasonic GH3, GH4, GH5, GH5s 
  • Canon 5D Mk I, II, III, IV
  • Nikon D810, D800, Z series


0. Is it difficult to balance the gimbal and camera?

No. Changing the setup for different camera arrangements is quick and simple.

Learn more about our balance tutorial at: updating…

0. Does Gremsy T3V3 support HDMI signal?

Yes, Gremsy T3V3 allows you to transfer HDMI signal passthrough gimbal via 2 Micro HDMI ports.

0. Does Gremsy T3V3 support trigger signal?

Exactly that the T3V3 provides 9 signal passthrough gimbal via AUX port, you can transfer the control signal from control module or flight controller to camera via gimbal.

0. Which trigger devices do you recommend?

  • Seagull #REC
  • Intelli-G long range


0. What kind of remote controls does Gremsy T3V3 support?

Gremsy T3V3 supports SBUS, PPM, SPEKTRUM remote control type.

0. Which remote do you recommend using with Gremsy T3V3?

  • Futaba T14SG, 
  • Spektrum DX6i, 
  • Taranis, 

0. Does Gremsy T3V3 support M600 (A3 + Lightbridge 2)?

Yes, it supports single and dual operation via M600 (A3 + Lightbridge 2) 

Please refer to the category – M600 on your left for more information.

0. Does Gremsy T3V3 support Pixhawk FC?

Yes, it supports single control, automission via Mavlink command of Pixhawk

Please refer to the category – Pixhawk on your left for more information.

0. Can I use the Herelink to control drone and Gremsy T3V3 in single operation?

Yes, please refer to our setup in the video below: updating… 


0. Does Gremsy T3V3 support M600 or A3 + Lightbridge 2 control?

The T3V3 supports control through M600 or any drone frame using A3 FC and Lightbridge 2.

0. Which kind of operator it supports?

The T3V3 supports both single and dual operators (slave and master).

0. How to configure Gremsy gimbal to use with DJI Lightbridge 2 or M600’s remote?

Step 1: Install the latest Software/Firmware

The firmware and software were updated at Download.

Step 2: Connect Gremsy gimbal to GPS of Flight controller A3/N3


Step 3: Select Single or Dual Mode

At Single Mode, in software: Go to Setting -> Controls -> LightBridge 2 -> Single

Move the GIMBAL DIAL on the remote to turn on the motors.

- Toggle C1 to control tilt or pan (make sure Tilt in TILT LOCK , go to SETTINGS -> FOLLOW-TILT->TILT LOCK).

- Pan will be in follow mode if not use GIMBAL DIAL for PAN control.

At Dual Mode, in software: Go to Setting -> Controls -> LightBridge 2 -> Dual

Move the GIMBAL DIAL on the remote to turn on the motors.

- Use Tilt/roll/pan stick to control tilt/roll/pan.


0. Does the Gremsy T3V3 support Pixhawk FC?

Yes, it supports both single RC control and auto mission via Pixhawk control.

0. How to setup with Pixhawk FC?

  1. Connect the Gimbal’s COM2 port to one of the autopilot’s Serial/Telemetry ports like Telem2 as shown above.

Connect with a ground station and set the following parameters:

The gimbal’s maximum angles can be set using these parameters:

To control the gimbal’s lean angles from a transmitter set:

  • MNT_RC_IN_TILT to 6 to control the gimbal’s tilt (aka pitch angle) with the transmitter’s Ch6 tuning knob
  • MNT_RC_IN_ROLL to some input channel number to control the gimbal’s roll angle
  • MNT_RC_IN_PAN to some input channel number to control the gimbals’ heading

For reference, Gremsy’s setup instructions can be found here.




Make sure you installed the Driver for USB before continuing next steps.


1/ Before upgrade:

– Download the latest Software version for MAC or Windows if not install yet.
– Install USB Driver if not installed yet.
– Download the Firmware in Zip format.
– Unzip to get the *.hex file.
– Unplug Remote Receiver (SBUS, JR, …) if it was plugged to gStabi system.
– Connect Gimbal to you Mac or PC by USB cable.

2/ During upgrade:

– Power on Gimbal.
– Run the software and select Upgrade.
– Follow Steps on the screen.

3/ Troubleshooting

If you have failed during the firmware upgrade, please follow this article to configure again
You can also contact our support via [email protected] for prompt support

Gremsy T3V3 Firmware 7.5.4

04 - 07 - 2020

What's new?

  • Control gimbal in the follow mode
    Gimbal allows control in follow mode by using remote control or gSDK
  • Control gimbal with LightBridge 2 with DJI's Remote Control.
    In Single mode
    C1 button switch mode (LOCK -> FOLLOW -> MAPPING)
    C2 button switch control between TILT and PAN axis.
    C2 button press hold > 2 seconds. Turn off Gimbal.
    In Dual Mode
    C1 button switch mode (LOCK  FOLLOW  MAPPING)
    C2 button press hold > 2 seconds. Turn off Gimbal.
    Refer to:
  • Control gimbal with Herelink with Pixhawk Flight Controller.
    Use S.Bus signal output from the Herelink for simultaneous control of Autopilot, Gimbal and camera as well.
    In Single mode
    Scroll wheel controls the TILT or PAN axis (Channel 10)
    Top button (Right) controls the Gimbal mode including 3 states (Toggle PAN or TILT and Reset Position) (Channel 9)
    C button controls zoom in for camera (Channel 14)
    D button controls zoom out for camera (Channel 14)
    Trigger Camera (Channel 7)
  • Go to home position when switching the gimbal mode automatically.
  • Control gimbal with gSDK.
    Gremsy SDK to meet the requirements of those building solutions for various industrial applications.
  • Control gimbal with Pixhawk.
    Automated aiming of the camera at a Region of Interset or manual control through MAVLink message.
  • Detect errors when initialization.
    Gimbal will dectect automatically when initialization and pop-up error on the new gTune with troubleshooting guide.
  • Start-up at random position.
Windows: gTune Desktop v1.4.1

08 - 04 - 2020

Mac OSX: gTune Desktop v1.4.1

08 - 04 - 2020

Android : gTune - Version 2.2.8

14 - 06 - 2018

Requires Android 4.1.2 or later.Compatible with Samsung tabs 705c, Samsung S6,
Samsung S5, Samsung NOTE4, Samsung NOTE3, Google Nexus 9, Google Nexus 7 II,
Ascend Mate7, Huawei P8 Max, Huawei Mate 8, Nubia Z7 mini, Sony Xperia
Z3, MI 3, MI PAD, Smartisan T1.

*Support for additional Android devices available as testing and development 
(iOS - iPhone/iPad) gTune - Version 2.2.8

14 - 06 - 2018

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus,
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus,iPod touch 6,iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular,
iPad mini 2, iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini 4, and iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular.
This app is optimized for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and
iPhone 6s Plus.

GREMSY T3V3 User Manual Download




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