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IMU set x1
Wifi Cable x1
SBUS cable x1
Allen Key 2, 2.5, 3, 5 (mm)  x1
Screws M4x10 x5
Screws M4x25 x10
Screws M4x20 x5
Screws M3x12 x5
Screws M3x20 x5
Camera Screws x2
Monitor Mounting x2
100mm, 200mm Zip Tie x10
Thumb Screws M4x15 x2
Thumb Screws M4x20 x4
Slide Topbar x1
Battery Cover x1

1. What gimbals work with Canlink?

There are 3 gimbal models which work with Canlink: H3, H7, H16.

2. What fly controllers work with Canlink?

The Canlink works with these fly controllers: Naza-M V2, Wookong-M, A2, A3.

2. Does Canlink limit the PAN rotation?

No, the Canlink have a slip-ring so that the PAN can rotate 360 degree continuously.

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