Gremsy Unveils Pixy LR S-Port: Plug-and-play Gimbal Featuring Hot Swap Capability for Sony ILX-LR1

On April 5, 2024, Gremsy, a leading provider of gimbal solutions, introduced Pixy LR S-Port. This new gimbal is purpose-built for Sony ILX-LR1 camera, featuring integration with the MAVLink protocol and incorporates the AirPixel Entire R3 module inside for comprehensive camera control, allowing full control via MavCam.

This gimbal has been redesigned with S-Port which known as Gremsy Mio Quick Release. Standardizing a Quick Release standard across multiple products enables the hot swap functionality of payloads or gimbals, thereby enhancing the optimization of drone systems for diverse photogrammetry missions such as mapping, inspection, surveying,... and efficiency during these missions.


Airpixel Entire R3 Built-In

In a pioneering move, Gremsy integrates the AirPixel Entire R3 module into the gimbal, Pixy LR SP. This integration is aimed at streamlining the setup process, significantly reducing time and effort required for users when integrating the gimbal with MAVLink protocol-based drone systems.

With this innovative integration, users can effortlessly fine-tune and control both the gimbal and camera during flight missions. This seamless and efficient experience is facilitated through the MavCam application, developed by AirPixel specifically for Entire, enabling comprehensive camera control functionalities.

With the purpose of building gimbal for UAV platform using MAVlink Protocol, Pixy LR S-Port offers support, ensures compatibility and provides seamless integration with a wide range of drones, including autopilot platforms like Pixhawk | Cube Pilot.

(*) Sony ILX-LR1 is not included in the gimbal package

S-PORT: Hot swap gimbal/payload feature

Let's meet Gremsy S-Port ecosystem! S-Port is a quick release standard from Gremsy which also known as Mio Quick Release and compatible with versatile Gremsy products such as Vio, Zio, Mio and more.

Pixy LR SP is equipped with S-Port, Gremsy aims to optimize user's experiences, we standadize a mounting system to facilitate the payload-swift process. With S-Port, you can change the payload easier and faster for professional aerial photogrammetry missions.

Please note that the damping system is optimized for each payload to ensure performance, if you want to customize a standard damping system for your drone, kindly contact us!

Inherits optimized design elements from Pixy LR.

In addition to the outstanding features mentioned above, this gimbal also inherits optimized designs from Pixy LR. Its compact and lightweight design allows for optimal payload weight, thereby saving energy for the drone and increasing mission duration.

Moreover, Pixy LR S-Port is equipped with a new-generation IMU Sensor and Motors with 14-bit encoders with the purpose of ensuring superior accuracy, sensitivity, and performance compared to previous versions. With high resolution, a 14-bit encoder helps reduce the risk of errors and ensures the reliability and durability of the gimbal system. Accurate information from the encoder enhances the gimbal's predictive capabilities and responsiveness in diverse situations.

Pixy LR S-Port will be your most convenient, user-friendly gimbal ever, as it integrates the Entire module internally and offers hot swap capability. You don't need to invest time or money to integrate this gimbal into your drone system for immediate use. Simply purchase and attach it to achieve the desired work efficiency.

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Supported Camera Sony ILX-LR1 Sony ILX-LR1 Sony A7R IV/A7R V Sony A7R IV/A7R V
Weight 462g (1lb) 495g (1 lbs) 560g (1.2 lbs) 570g (1.26 lbs)
Dimension (DxWxH) 140 x 115 x 183 (mm) 140 x 115 x 200 (mm) 140 x 127 x 183 (mm) 147 x 157 x 190 (mm)
Supported Lenses SEL35F28Z, SEL35F18F, SELP1635G, SEL28F20, SEL55F18Z, SEL85F18(*), SEL24F28G, SEL50F25G, SEL40F25G SEL35F28Z, SEL35F18F, SELP1635G, SEL28F20, SEL55F18Z, SEL85F18(*), SEL24F28G, SEL50F25G, SEL40F25G SEL28F20, SEL35F28Z, SEL55F18Z, SEL24F28G, SEL40F25G, SEL50F25G SEL28F20, SEL35F28Z, SEL55F18Z
Drone Platforms
Hardware platform Pixhawk, CubePilot Pixhawk, CubePilot, Skynode, M600, Airpeak Pixhawk, CubePilot, Skynode, M600 M300, M350 (in development)
Autopilot platform Ardupilot, PX4 Ardupilot, PX4 Ardupilot, PX4 -
N/A (integrated with Entire) 4 signals N/A
3.0 4 signals
2.0 4 signals
2.0 (**)
Damping Pixy S / LR - Damping Pixy S / LR - Damping Pixy S / LR - Damping Pixy SM Advanced Damping
Quick Release S-Port (Mio Quick Release) M-Port (Hyper Quick Release 3.0) HDMI Hyper Quick Release V2.0 DJI Skyport V2

*Photography only   |   **Video stream via DJI Skyport V2