gremsy t45
Gremsy T45 is designed to carry professional cinema payloads, execute dynamic pan for longer lenses and routing faster than ever. Use custom in-house designed brushless motors with high-resolution encoders and hollow shafts for easy wire routing through the gimbal, the T45 empowers filmmakers to move the camera in any way on any moving platform they can imagine.
key features
  • Designed for Professional Cinema Payloads
  • Mounted to Any Moving Platforms
  • Astonishing Motor Torque
  • Smart Battery
  • Advanced Balancing System
  • Solid Construction
  • Single Mode, Dual Mode, Kinetic mode (SYNC)
  • High speed operation up to 160km/h
  • Support VFX and able to replay motion
  • Weight: 30.86 lbs / 14 kgs
  • Maximum Payload: 45 lbs / 20.25 kgs
  • Camera Cage (D x W x H): 350mm x 300mm x 300mm
  • App Compatibility: IOS, Android, Mac OS, Window
  • Connection: USB, CAN, UART, Wi (Optional)
Testing at High Speed or Complex Terrain
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