T1 is the lightest ready-to-fly platform of Gremsy built specifically for inspection. Designed to mount quickly and easily onto a wide range of drones within 5 seconds of setup, T1 becomes the most impressive aerial gimbal that you can never found in any others. Its compact and ultra lightweight translate to longer flight time thus making it one highly demanded gimbal for industrial experts.
    Hyper Quick Release
    New mechanical and electrical integration quick release features spring contacts and ability to get power directly from drone to convert to a 12V power supply.
    Plug & Play
    Say goodbye to complex setups and time consuming process. The T1 provides an easy one step plug and play installation that takes only 5 seconds to complete.
    New I/O Design
    Intuitive hardware interface including POWER, CAN, COM, SBUS, AUX ports has relocated on QR to quickly interface with multiple devices such as 3rd party flight controller, remote control, auxiliary I/O and power your ideal system of cameras/accessories.
    Drift Free Horizon
    With Canlink seamlessly integrated, the T1 is able to communicate with DJI and Pixhawk flight controllers to straighten your horizon.


    Communicate with Pixhawk flight controllers


    Communicate with DJI flight controllers

    Heated & temperature controlled IMU
    Heated and temperature controlled IMU sensor with advanced 6-point calibration allows reliable performance even in extreme weather. Temperature is maintained within 0.2 degrees Celsius accuracy.
    High-performance gimbal controller
    gMotion Controller, designed and made by Gremsy based on a 32 bit high performance ARM microprocessor providing fast response and accurate calculation. Sensor data and motors correction are updated as fast as 2000 times per second to enable incredibly smooth footage.
    Clean design
    Internal wiring
    No exterior wires, more solid. This clean design helps the T1 overcome wind resistance with ease to bring out the best video quality while staying agile.
    Compact & ultra lightweight
    Small in hand, power in the sky. The slimmed down T1 is small enough to fit into your backpack and take anywhere, yet strong enough to handle up to 1.5 lbs.


    1.5 lbs / 1.5 lbs

    DIMENSION (W x D x H):

    188 x 175 x 205 mm

    CAMERA CASE (W x L x H):

    105 x 90 x 90 mm

    Freedom to move
    The T1 is flexible, with 330° tilt and roll rotation, and continuous 360° pan with no mechanical stop. Custom designed hollow shaft and high torque brushless motor coupled with ultra high-resolution encoder provide highest levels of accuracy.

    High resolution encoder 0.005°
    Built for inspection
    T1 has powerful built-in functions that are completely compatible with thermal and zoom cameras to perfectly fulfill their duties with minimal setup and equipment.
    • Wiris
    • Flir DUO
    • Flir DUO R
    • Flir Vue
    • Flir Vue Pro
    • Flir Vue Pro R
    Other application
    The T1 has powerful built-in functions to work with a wide range of cameras out of the box.
    • Blackmagic Micro
    • Sony AX53
    • Sony CX675
    • Sony CX455
    • Sony CX440
    • Sony CX405

    Intuitive app and software

    iOS & Android apps and software allow users to change the
    setting of gimbal easily via WIFI connection.

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