• Powered by Auterion & MAVlink compliant drones
  • Gremsy PE is purpose-built for an effortless integration with Auterion & Mavlink compliant drones. With its ease of deployment and simple operation, the new lineup is a perfect enterprise-ready solution.
SuPPort open-architecture Pixhawk platforms
Adhering to the Pixhawk Payload Bus standard, Gremsy PE is equipped with a new quick-release operating on a sliding mechanism, helping PE gimbals plug and play with most Pixhawk-based platforms, including Skynode, Pixhawk and Cube.
Fully IntegRated With Skynode System
In collaboration with Auterion, we create Gremsy PE for seamless integration with Skynode system. Now it's your turn to deploy fully advanced Auterion’s drone ecosystem capabilities for industrial missions.
Intuitive connectivity interface on PE Hub
I/O interface on the PE hub makes it simple and straightforward to connect with your Flight controller system and companion computer.
The addition of an Ethernet & USB-C ports also offers a reliable facility way to connect to your payload.
oPen gSDK & MAvSDK FoR PRoduct develoPment
With MAVSDK & gSDK compatibility, Gremsy PE allows you to develop products or applications related to gimbal control by connecting the COM2 on PE Hub to your system.
Gremsy PE is now available in two versions: T3 PE and Pixy PE. Both support similar cameras to their standard versions, offering a variety of payload options to suit your needs.

From $2,349

Pixy PE

From $2,049