With 958 drones lighting up the skies with a shade of red, TIME magazine displayed the largest drone show in the United States. As the issue title states, we are in the era of drones and the production of this drone formation is simply spectacular.   

To capture this moment, TIME utilized Astraeus Aerial’s “Big Drone” paired with the Gremsy H16 to hold the camera at the right angle. With its large camera cage and lightweight design, the Gremsy H16 is the perfect camera stabilizer for this task as it is known for filmmaking and cinematography. Together, the drone-gimbal-camera trio shot the magazine’s cover video and image for this special report.

We are glad to be part of this historic and significant event!

Click HERE to learn more about the Gremsy H16 and check out the BTS video creating the first ever "drone" cover here.