Gremsy Compability with Three YellowScan Products

YellowScan, a global leader and designer of manned and unmanned LiDAR solutions, is pleased to announce that its LiDAR Mapper-series and Surveyor Ultra are now fully compatible with Gremsy’s industry standard mounting system. This allows drone users with a Gremsy standard T3V3 female quick release to lift and power the YellowScan Mapper, Mapper+ or Surveyor Ultra systems without needing prior integration work.

We're excited that this integration is an important link to enable YellowScan products to work with multiple drone platforms, especially Acecore.

In partnership with YellowScan, we designed a male mounting solution to fit the YellowScan Mapper+ onto the Gremsy T3V3 Quick Release system.

With this interface, the Mapper+ can be installed on other UAVs like Acecore by leveraging Gremsy Damping V3 and Damping plate Pro 2.0. Drone operators now now fast and simply switch between the Gremsy gimbals (T3V3, T7, S1V3) and the YellowScan payloads.

Gremsy's quick-release solutions can now be used with the Mapper series and the new Surveyor Ultra.

"We want to make LiDAR operations easy for our users so mounting our LiDAR solutions to UAVs has to be fast. Working with Gremsy to create a ready-to-mount solution was an easy decision as it now only takes a few seconds to mount a system. More and more UAV brands like Acecore can now offer LiDAR/drone ready-to-fly packages.Tristan Allouis, CTO at YellowScan.



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