The future of an aerial gimbal is small and lightweight, having a higher capability in a standardized body and staying longer in the air to fulfill duties.

Pixy is the next generation of Gremsy that utilizes the latest technology to optimize its high performance, aims to provide superior advantages in aerial mapping, surveying, inspection and search and rescue operations.

Today, more is expected of an ideal industrial gimbal than any point in the field’s history. With the recent launch of different stabilizers, the market is now more diverse with customers demanding new levels of capability and versatility in aerial operations.

Pixy answers this challenge with a new generation of small form factor gimbal that packs capabilities of current cutting-edge technology into a module that fits in just the palm of your hand. The small form factor offers more than just reduced size and weight; it is fully compatible with specific cameras and provides almost immediate plug and play with longer flight time.

Pixy F is the initial version of Gremsy weights at only 360 grams and tailored for Flir Duo Pro R.

The capabilities of Pixy F include:

  1. HDMI Quick Release – real-time viewing
  2. Startup time within 2 seconds
  3. Automatic home detection even in vibration environments
  4. No balancing nor tuning required
  5. Fully compatible with Pixhawk FC
  6. Plug and play

To learn more about the new Pixy/Pixy F, click here.