5G rollout has officially begun with Innsbruck being Austria’s first 5G city. T-Mobile, Austria’s second largest mobile phone company delivered record-breaking transmission rates of two gigabits per second and a latency of just three milliseconds during the demonstration.

To showcase this astonishing network speed, T-Mobile did it through a drone flight using the Flydeo X8 drone together with the Gremsy T3 brushless gimbal. Wi-Fi signal is usually needed in such scenarios as it is generally not possible to control drones efficiently using mobile communication due to unstable and slow network speeds. Hence, search and rescue operations could not afford such risks as lives are at stake and will require accurate performance. However, with the new 5G network, such applications are now possible which allows for many better connections in drone communication.

Throughout the illustrated search-and-rescue operation, the Gremsy T3 paired perfectly with the drone and performed seamlessly in the air as a video and camera stabilizer. Although the Gremsy T3 is well-known for its usage in drone photography such as filmmaking and cinematography, it is also capable of producing 360 continuous pan rotations for aerial mapping and search-and-rescue operations. With such capabilities, the Gremsy T3 was chosen for both the transmission of control signals and video streams from two cameras using the 4G/5G network.

Our team is very grateful to be part of such a memorable event in Europe!

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